RightPath Integrated Student Success System
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Comprehensive Data Analysis

Created by educators for educators to analyze achievement and growth district wide

RightPath Curriculum and Data Center is a comprehensive data analysis system created by educators for educators. The Curriculum and Data Center monitors achievement and growth while identifying strengths and targeting areas of improvement. The system provides over thirty detailed reports from the district down to each individual learner, based on state assessments and aligned benchmark assessments. Individual, small group (Tier 2 & 3) and whole group learning plans are provided through the system. All data is tied to a curriculum planner that is designed based on UBD principles. Consultation and professional development support is included with the system to maximize student achievement.

RightPath measures for student success.

The RightPath Curriculum and Data Center
advances student success.

How? It...

  • Stores and tracks statewide results and growth
  • Tracks program effectiveness
  • Stores and tracks benchmark results and growth (New York, Arizona, Pennsylvania & Common Core)
  • Provides motivational charts for school-wide goals
  • Reports strengths and areas for improvement from the district level down to individual student level by concept and performance objective
  • Articulates progress toward concept mastery for Student Success Teams, Child Study Teams, ILP's and IEP's
  • Targets specific goals and levels of mastery for whole and small group tiered instruction
  • Reports progress for RTI and other interventions
  • Creates individual learning profiles for parent conferences, individualized instructional needs and goal setting
  • Supports data teams and PLCs with data analysis