Right Reason Technologies is a licensed SES provider in NY and PA

English & Math Tutoring

Supplemental Educational Services

Right Reason Technologies offers small group ELA and Math tutoring, provided by state certified teachers. Our proven model focuses on the specific needs of your child by utilizing a pre-session diagnostic that will drive the individualized learning plan for each student. Parents can choose between a blended classroom approach or a more flexible distance learning model, both benefitting from our industry leading, CyberExtension™ virtual learning environment.

Uses our industry leading CyberExtension Virtual Learning Environment

The Process

Our Tutoring Program

The tutoring program can be customized to a student’s schedule. Our State certified instructors work with students in a small group setting, while also providing one-on-one instruction where appropriate.

Pre-Program Diagnostic Assessment

We start with a diagnostic to assess your child’s current level. We then create an individualized learning plan targeting specific areas for improvement, to help your child achieve a better understanding of the subject and ultimately attain higher test scores.

Group Instruction & Individualized Learning

Sessions begin with a small group lesson, or topic review. The students then move on to their individualized learning plan. The individualized learning plan drives the remediation process by pulling from our extensive library of lessons, targeted to specific PA State standards and performance indicators. In addition to the individualized lesson plan the student will be given academic goals to be met and monitored as the session progresses.

Mid-Term Progress Report

You’ll want ensure your child’s progress, so we administer a mid-term diagnostic test so that we can assess the student’s academic growth. You’ll receive a mid-term progress report on the results of the diagnostic and personalized changes to your child’s individual learning plan. Following the mid-term diagnostic, tutoring continues according to your child’s adjusted learning plan.

Post-Program Diagnostic

As we finish the tutoring process, we’ll again assess your child’s progress through another diagnostic test. This test will measure the growth achieved through the entirety of the program.