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RightPath™ is designed to increase education opportunities by providing solutions for areas of concern at your district.

Below are some of the ways we've helped our client to increase student, teacher and overall district success. Contact a Right Reason Technologies reprsentative to find out more.

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The Solutions We Provide

Some of the ways RightPath™ can help your district.

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Homebound & Suspensions

With all the requirements just to keep up with the everyday rigors of classroom instruction, many districts find it a daunting challenge to properly educate the suspended and homebound student populations. Right Reason’s RightPath™ provides a unique pathway to keep these students aligned with what is taking place in the classroom even when they are unable to be present.

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Individualized instruction for all students is at the heart of our technology enabled solution, providing opportunities for students to catch up with their peers, continue moving forward and graduate on-time.

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Some students learn new topics quickly, while others need extra help or time on task. After-school programs can be costly and are challenged to offer individualized instruction. RightPath™ Intervention Lessons and eLearning components utilize benchmark and diagnostic results to analyze student achievement and provide lessons to support mastery of concepts in need of improvement.

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It is our fundamental belief that every child can and will succeed given the appropriate setting, instruction and time. All of our instructional tools support this premise and belief. The RightPath™ Student Success System provides benchmarks, reports, customized formative assessments and RTI lessons.

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We help districts provide a flexible, scalable and cost effective solution for Alternative Education. Our RightPath™ Student Success System is a key component in programs for at-risk and alternative path students.

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Young man learning on a laptop in a library.

Manage your evaluation process with RightPath™'s evaluation and walkthrough components including the NYS required observations and SLO information. Since continual improvement rather than simple evaluation is always the goal, we provide Professional Development as a core component of our overall solution with offereings such as Data & Inquiry Team training and Tiered Instruction.

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