CyberExtension 4.0 - The classroom's reach is extended.

System Features

Create, Train, Track and Deploy with RightTrack™ Learning Management System

RightTrack™ provides everything you need to deliver and manage your trainings once you have created them using our RightCourse™ course creation software. RightTrack™ provides you with numerous features to ensure that everyone in your organization receives the proper training.

Jam Packed with Features
Deliver the Right Trainings to the Right People

Different people in your organization require different training. You may want your custodial staff to learn about Bloodborne Pathogens, but your managers to study Employee Discipline. RightTrack™ makes this easy. Through its hierarchy system, RightTrack™ lets you organize all your employees based on where they fit in your organization. You can organize them by building, job description, or anything else you can think of. Then, you can assign the trainings to employees based on where they fall in the organization.

Track Employee Progress with Advanced Reporting

Just because you assign a training to your employees doesn't mean they actually take it. RightTrack™ provides you with numerous advanced reporting options to find out who took what and when and, more importantly, who did not take the trainings. RightTrack™ will even automatically generate an email for each supervisor letting them know which of their employees are falling behind!

Integrate RightTrack™ with Your System

Do you already have a look and feel for your own website? Do your employees already have to login to your network to access their computers? Do you already have your own domain name? RightTrack™ can integrate with your existing setup so you can leverage what you already have. With our Single Sign On technology, users who are already connected to your network will be automatically logged into the RightTrack™ system where they will see an experience that resembles your company and even sits on your own domain name.


Some trainings are more than just simple completions. Sometimes, a training may consist of various trainings that need to be taken in order with tests in the middle that must be passed. With our new Certification system, you can use RightTrack™ to provide these complicated training scenarios. You can specify a series of trainings that a user must complete, provide tests throughout the process, and ensure that the trainee has mastered the topics covered.

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Multi-Lingual Trainings
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